Esports are infiltrating our lives in new ways every day

A new brand of holiday is becoming increasingly popular, with hotels adding ‘games rooms’ into the mix.  We are not talking about the traditional games rooms with pool tables and ping pong, but the next generation of games room with consoles and VR equipment.

Esports are rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives, with popular tournaments and games attracting more players and viewers every day. However, esports are starting to infiltrate other aspects of our lives, such as our holidays.

These centres have monitors watching the children, allowing the parents to enjoy the peace and quiet that the old style ‘kids club’ afforded, but for the next generation of children. The equipment can include over 40 consoles, such as Wii’s, Playstations, Xbox and more. VR set ups including interactive chairs, karaoke set ups with big screens, and even racing set ups, with game chairs and individual screens, and big screens for spectators can all form parts of these exciting developments.

Hotels all over the world are realising that esports is the next generations favoured form of entertainment, and by including them, they are bringing in more clients to their accommodation.

The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam has taken this phenomenon one step further, by including games consoles in every room, it truly is a gamers paradise. I Hotel in Taiwan have a similar setup, offering high speed internet connections as well.

The Hilton Panama, Staybridge Suites in London and the Magic Cristal Park Hotel in Benidorm all offer large gaming rooms, catering for children and adults alike.

With the quickly growing popularity of esports, we can only expect that more and more hotels across the globe will start to include these facilities, just further cementing esports popularity in our futures.

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