The UK’s top FIFA player to create course with advice and tips

The UK’s best FIFA player, Donovan Hunt, who plays as Tekkz, has been creating a new course for other players, giving his own expert advice. In conjunction with the GamerzClass, he course is suitable for both new players, and seasoned players who want to improve their game.

Danish based GamerzClass already offer a FIFA 20 online course, created with Ivan Lepanje, a Swedish player with the handle Boras. That course is available for $50. Other games course on offer include League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Victor Folmann, the CEO and founder of GamerzClass said the following:

“Following the great success of our BorasLegend course, we’ve been moving forward to secure even more amazing talent,”

“At GamerzClass, we truly believe that if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best and so, we’ve managed to partner up with Fnatic on this one and decided to build a course with Tekkz.“

“We intend to make this our best FIFA course to date and hope to provide as much value as possible to help our users get better at the game.”

Donavan “Tekkz” Hunt is just 18 years old, but already has 5 champion cups under his belt since the beginning of his career in February 2018. He has also recently joined Fnatic.

Fnatic will be assisting in the production of the course, and will take place during January 2020, and should be available to players by early March.

Offering tips on defence, offence, and game analysis as well as tricks and advice to improve your game, the course will run across 20 episodes and be approximately 3 hours long in total.

Here at FUTR Sports we believe that training in Esports continues to become a bigger part of the sector, and look forward to seeing more young championships pass on their expertise to other upcoming heroes.

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