Video games see an increase in sales during the Coronavirus crisis

As many people across the globe are confined to their homes due to the Covid-19 outbreak, video game sales have seen a large spike.

Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmed said of the newly released Animal Crossing from Nintendo that “COVID-19 has ultimately helped boost sales as more people are under lockdown and gaming is a safe and low cost form of entertainment,”

The research director for games at Ampere Analysis added that the rise in sales for that game was influenced by “the fact that a lot of gamers have more time on their hands at home at the moment.”

He went on to say that “A game like Animal Crossing is an antithesis to the difficulties that many people are suffering from the coronavirus outbreak, so has appealed to a lot of people because of that.”

The new first-person shooter game, Doom Eternal, which was launched on 20th March, saw the best launch of any game in the history of the brand.

Andrew Little, who is a research analyst at Global X, commented “Looking at the data, consumer video game spend has dramatically increased in the past month, In mid-March, we saw that consumers spent around 65% more on video games compared to the same period last year.”

Most experts say that online games will also see a boost during this period, not only as a way to stave off boredom but also to connect with other people.

Harding-Rolls also believes that we will see a return of lapsed players, who now have more time on their hands.

These online games are a place where friends, and strangers, can socialise, when we are cut off from the real world. Not only does playing games fill the time, but it allows people to stay in contact with their friend group, whilst also meeting new people.

Whilst many industries are facing economic crises during the epidemic, Esports seems to be one of the sectors who are not suffering.

For example, Esports ETF is up 2% on it’s year to date figures, whilst others have seen a slight decrease in figures, none are near the Dow Jones Industrial Average of around 23.3%.

Ahmad said that the industry is likely to see a “short-term boost” due to the outbreak.

Whilst it is difficult to see what the long term outcome will be on any industry, here at FUTR sports, we are confident that the globe can overcome the crisis by working together.

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